Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know how much will the shipment cost?
In the right column on our site, choose the shipping destination and one of the delivery options. The price will be calculated based on the current items in your basket and the chosen delivery method, and displayed in the chosen currency.
What does my order status mean?
Unsent - an order was placed by the client, but it hasn’t been sent by the seller
Sent - the order has been sent by the seller
Received - the order has been received by the client
Cancelled- the order has been cancelled by the client
Under what conditions can I return an order?
There are no specific terms and conditions. Whether you do not like it or there has been a problem with your order, you can always return it within the deadline.
What is the deadline for returning an order?
Fourteen calendar days from receiving the order.
Can I return a single product of many ordered?
You can only return the entire order. Single items out of a larger order will not be accepted.
How can I cancel and return an order?
Please follow these steps:
1) Login to your account and open the details page by clicking your account name in the top right corner of the page
2) Go to the “Orders” section
3) Click on “Cancel order”
4) Confirm the cancellation
5) Send back any received products via the ordinary mailing service and include the documentation for covered return shipping costs.
Can I return a single item if it has been damaged or mistaken?
Yes, up to three calendar days after arrival.
How can I apply for a replacement of a product?
Send an e-mail to describing the product you wish to be replaced and the reason for the return.
In case of a replacement, should I return the entire order or just the items, which I want replaced?
You should only return the items which are to be exchareplaced.
How do I send back the products which I want to be replaced?
Send us the products via the ordinary mailing service and include a document for the return costs in the package.
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